Turkish Airlines flight destinations: Fine below flight destinations of Turkish Airlines worldwide

Turkish Airlines flies to Abu Dhabi, Accra, Adana, Addis Ababa, Aleppo, Algiers, Amman, Amsterdam, Ankara, Astana, Antalya, Baghdad, Bahrain, Baku, Bangkok, Barcelona, Basel, Basra, Batman, Beijing, Beirut, Belgrade, Benghazi, Berlin Schoenefeld, Berlin Tegel, Birmingham, Bishkek, Bodrum, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Bursa, Cairo, Cape Town, Casablanca, Chicago, Chisinau, Cologne, Copenhagen, Canakkale, Dakar, Dalaman, Damascus, Dar Es Salam, Denizli, Dhaka, Doha, Donetsk, Dortmund, Dublin, Dubai, Dusseldorf, Ekaterinburg, Elazig, Erbil, Entebbe, Erincan, Erzurum, Frakfurt, Fukuoka, Gaziantep, Geneva, Genoa, Gothenburg, Guangzhou, Hamburg, Hannover, Hatay, Helsinki, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Isparta, Istanbul Ataturk, Izmir, Jakarta, Jeddah, Johannesburg, Karachi, Kazan, Khartoum, Kiev, Konya, Kuwait, Lagos, Lisbon, London Heathrow, Los Angeles, Lviv Airport, Madinah, Malatya, Manchester, Mardin, Milan, Minsk, Moscow, Mumbai, Munich, Nairobi, Mus, Muscat, Nagoya, Naples, Nevsehir, New Delhi, New York, Nice, Osaka, Oslo, Paris Charles De Gaulle, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, Prague, Pristina, Rome, Riga, Riyadh, Rostov, Samsun, Sanaa, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Shanghai, Shiraz, Siirt, Singapore, Sinop, Skopje, Sofia, Stockholm, Stuttgart, St. Petersburg, Tabriz, Tampa, Tehran, Tel Aviv, Tirana, Tokyo, Toronto, Toulouse, Tripoli, Tunis, Ufa, Usak, Van, Venice, Vienna, Warsaw, Washington, Zurich and more.

About Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlines was founded in the year 1933 and is the national carrier of Turkey. One of the oldest airlines, Turkish flies to over 163 destinations. In 2010 the airline carried over 31 million passengers. Turkish Airlines operates its flights from its main base at Ataturk International Airport. Antalya, Esenboga, Sabiha Gokcen and Adnan Menderes are its focus cities. Read More

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  1. Jagjit Pandhaal Reply

    Iv been flying with TK for seven years with family, my wife and myself have smiles & miles card registered, but we never have yet got any points coz of wrong spelling on my Name! On 26th July 2017 I booked flights from Kenya, Dubai and then connecting16th to Moldova with my family.
    We reached Dubai airport terminal 1 checked in and had our boarding passes as usual. We found that the gate noumber did not show on screen neither on the passes, my child 5 yrs and the 2 year was not well with food poisoning and kept vomitig. We got delayed for boarding and the flight was to fly by 2 morning, no one even announced on the speaker neither the information desk gave us the gate number though no screens to provide us inf0! We reached 10 mins before flight and the plane was still there but we were refused boarding! The counter desk had no respect with our children and kept saying to wait. After 15 mins talk on radio, says we cannot fly though the door was open of the aircraft!. We pleaded in no vain. Later they shut us out and told us to take next flight which was at 6.30 morning. Through Istanbul. I went to coustomer care at connected flight desk of Turkish airways, told him of the miss flight and says he cant do nothing but to buy new tickets! €3000/-!!!! I am shocked of this situation, I had single exit visas for family and old not return in to Dubai to check in a hotel as the immigration refused entry!! We were stranded completely.. I went on net to see other options and found half the price to fly Dubai out.
    My family and myself went through hell waiting for next flight we bought to reach Moldova. Finally we reached after48 hrs through this experience and found that our luggage has not been on the flight!
    Everything of belongings, children stuff, food, medicines, cloths etc..etc..gone until four days later we received them.
    I would like to know why have TURKISH AIRLINE treat us in this situation, as I thought the pilot should be concerned on this issue..I wonder why there are delays one hour on flights and my case was not even over with time given?!
    Please respond and give me choice to claim my distress, refund of the ticket purchased.

  2. Glory Henry Shayo Reply

    I have done made a booking and have an electronic tiket, but due to reason beyond my capacity i need to change the date for flight . Where or Whom to contact? I am at Stckholms SWEDEN.Thanks

  3. wilson Reply


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