Contact Turkish Airlines: Find below customer service details of Turkish Airlines, including telephone and address. You can reach the below contact for new flight booking, cancellation, refund, baggage claim, cheap airfares, deals or other queries on Turkish Airlines. Besides contact details, the page also offers information and links on Turkish Airlines services.

Turkish Airlines Head Office
Building Ataturn Airport
34149 Yesilköy, Istanbul, Turkey
Phone: +90-212-463-6363
Fax: +90-212-465-2121

Turkish Airlines Customer Service
+90 212 444 0 849
+90 850 333 0 849

[email protected]
[email protected]

Turkish Airlines Cargo
+90 212 463 55 56
212 463 63 63
212 465 22 22

Reservations Worldwide
USA +1 800 874 8875
Austria +43 1 586 20 24
Belgium +32 – 2 – 5001932 / +32 – 2 – 5117676
Denmark +45 33 14 40 55
Morocco +212 22 46 45 00
France +331 (56) 69 33 54
UK  0 844 800 6666
Italy +39 0 276007111
Rome +39 06 45 21 3849
Israel +972 3 975 40 83 / 85
Spain 902 255 260 –
Sweden +46 8 797 72 58
Switzerland 0041 44 225 23 23
Netherland +31(0)20 405 96 36
Norway +47 648 20 530
Romania +40 21 3112410
Ukraine +380 44 4905933
Greece 30 210 322 25 69

Miles&Smiles Call Center
Phone: +90 212 444 0 849
Fax: +90 212 465 23 06

Book Turkish Airlines Flight
To book a Turkish Airlines flight online click here

Turkish Airlines Flight Schedule
To check Turkish Airlines flight schedule online click here

Turkish Airlines Flight Status
To check Turkish Airlines flight status online click here

Track Lost Baggage
To track your lost baggage click here

Online Check-in
Passengers can check-in 24 hours up to 90 minutes prior to the departure time. Passengers can check-in online within comfort of their homes or offices. You can print the boarding pass from your printer. To check-in online click here

Baggage Information
Checked Baggage: Generally Economy Class passengers are allowed to carry 2 pieces with 23 kg each. Business Class and First Class can carry 2 bags with 32 kg weight each.
Hand Baggage: Economy Class passengers can carry 1 piece with 8kg. Business Class passengers can carry 2 pieces with 8kg each.

Miles&Smiles is the frequent flier program of Turkish Airlines. Through the program members can earn miles every time they fly with Turkish Airlines or its partner airlines. One can also earn miles by booking hotels and renting cars. The membership includes Classic Card, Classic Plus Card, Elite Card and Elite Plus Card. The membership benefits include priority check-in, extra baggage allowance, priority boarding, airport lounge access and much more. To register click here

Turkish Airlines Destinations
Turkish Airlines flies to Abu Dhabi, Accra, Adana, Addis Ababa, Amman, Amsterdam, Baghdad, Bahrain, Baku, Bangkok, Barcelona, Basel, Birmingham, Bishkek, Bodrum, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Bursa, Cairo, Cape Town, Dhaka, Doha, Donetsk,  Dublin, Dubai, Frankfurt, Fukuoka, Gaziantep, Geneva,Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Isparta, Istanbul Ataturk, Johannesburg, Karachi, Manchester, Mardin, Milan, Minsk, Moscow, Mumbai, Munich,Washington, Zurich.. click here for the complete list.

About Turkish Airlines
turkish airlines pictureTurkish Airlines was founded in the year 1933 and is the national carrier of Turkey. One of the oldest airlines, Turkish flies to over 163 destinations. In 2010 the airline carried over 31 million passengers. Turkish Airlines operates its flights from its main base at Ataturk International Airport. Antalya, Esenboga, Sabiha Gokcen and Adnan Menderes are its focus cities.

Turkish Airlines employs over 17,000 people including pilots and cabin crew. In 2008 the airline became a member of the world’s largest airline alliance, Star Alliance. Turkish Airlines won the best airline of Southern Europe in 2009 and 2010, awarded by Skytrax. It was also chosen as the third best airline in Europe.

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  1. Adam Reply

    Hi! I need help to correct my name when booking, it was interchanged, my last name in the itinerary was printed as my first name, and my first name is my last name. Name in the passport should be the same on the ticket, please help to rectify this matter to avoid problem at the airport. Thanks.

  2. Anthony Wong Reply

    Hello, PR department of Turkish Airlines,
    I have flown worldwide for over 30 years, and now over 8 times yearly to all parts of the world. Last week I flew round-trip from GRU to HKG, through IST. Compliments to your EXCEPTIONAL service and flight. I would like to acknowledge and praise all your attendants on all four legs of the trip but especially Miss Goher Ozturk, who was amazing, in the leg from IST to GRU on Sept. 22, 2017. In all my years of travel, she stands out as the finest example of courtesy, dedication and service to all the persons under her care. Please compliment her for her work.
    On the other hand, boarding and getting off Istanbul airport terminals was terrible. We had to land on remote all times and the boarding gate was overcrowded and disorganized.

  3. Nabeel Wahab Khan Reply

    I have my flight on 30th August from Frankfurt to Islamabad via Istanbul. My first and last name is interchanged on the ticket. I called the customer care and he said to buy the new ticket.
    The names are all correct only misplaced. I can not buy the new ticket even if the previous is refunded as all my trains are already booked. I never thought this could be such a big problem. I am worried sick. These name swap happens all the time, it has never been a problem before.

  4. Olga Lazarova Reply

    Can someone please write a valid email for Turkish Airlines where I can communicate with a person? It seems everything I see online is that you guys don’t reply?

  5. john Reply

    To: Turkish Airline PR Department

    I want to take this moment to explain to you what a very unpleasant experience I had on one of your flights. Before doing so, I want to provide you with a little background.
    I have been flying with Turkish Air since 2004 related to my work. Unfortunately I was unable to collect mileage on many of my trips due to government related flights. I did collect 36K miles related to personal trips. I have flown not only coach but business class during many of these flight to Central Asia. I have always been very satisfied with all my trips but this last one.
    Now to the issue: On my return trip from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan to Washington D.C. on 20th of July 2017 I flew through Istanbul. The flight from Bishkek to Istanbul was uneventful; but the flight – flight number 007 from Istanbul to Washington was unbelievable.
    The seat I was assigned was # 20. As the passengers were boarding I was asked by a passenger if they could change seats with me so they could sit with their friend and I take seat # 19. This request was supported by a stewardess – I agreed. When the flights reached altitude, I noticed the screen, sound system and call button did not work. I waited till things had settled down and requested assistance. Other than “we’ll look into it” I was ignored and it took three times and more than 45 minutes before any positive response. They played with the system and stated – wait 15 minutes and all should be working. After close to 30 minutes I again attempted to get help. Note: I had to use the call button in the next seat. With no response I went to the front of the cabin and talked to a stewardess. She seemed to be irritated but stated she would look into it. Shall I say more? I even asked if I could be put in business class, which had empty seats and I would be willing to pay or just feed me coach food… All I wanted was a seat. They stated – they could not do that.
    After breakfast was served, a stewardess came to the seat and said they could move me to the front. I was assigned to a seat in the first row middle seat. I had bassinets hanging on wall and numerous children crawling in and out of these seats as well as nursing mothers. Now if that wasn’t bad enough, a young lady had an infant between my seat and hers who had just gone in his dipper and the lose stool ran all over the arm of the seat and on to me. So from no electronics to this, I chose to move back to seat # 20. (That is after I washed up in the restroom.) Now you would have expected one of the crew members to respond to this… but nothing. Not once was I asked what had happened even though they had witnessed the action. So for the next 9+ hours I sat in a seat with no entertainment as well as no communications. Not once was any attempt to assist me or even asked if I was ok. I have worked in more than 54 countries and am an experienced traveler. I have never, even in developing counties flown in such conditions.

    I was debating to write you until a friend of mine came to visit the other day from Istanbul. He too experiences an unpleasant flight. I hope this is not the norm.
    I’m hoping your response will not be in generic form. What I want is to be compensated for this flight. I feel there was no real attempt or interest in resolving this issue. I was on the flight so what was I going to do – get off. Well let me say, if I had known this before the flight departed, I would have removed myself from this flight. I have always been a loyal customer of Turkish air and hope to continue. But this will depend on how you respond to this.
    I am sending you a copy of my ticket.

  6. Shubhangee Reply

    Please let me know the customer service email id of Turkish airlines . The email id which was given to me at the Istanbul airport was [email protected] which seems to be wrong. Kindly give me the correct email id.

  7. Ayesha Reply


    We were a group of 6 traveling on your flight from LAX to Istanbul and then to Greece with the return connecting flight from Istanbul. Our flight from Greece left late and with weather issue, it was delayed and so our flight to LAX left.

    My complaint is as follows:
    1. no representative at the gate to give direction on what the process is
    2. your staff at the counters are rude and not willing to help
    3. the hotel we were put at treated us with no respect – gave us the same food for lunch and dinner
    4. we were advised at the airport, we would get toiletries which was not the case.

    The way we were treated at the airport by Turkish airlines was not professional at all. I was very dissapointed since this was my second time on your flight.


  8. vivek katju Reply

    I applied for membership of your miles and smiles program this morning. My feedback number is 9410479. i would request acknowledgement of my application at either my mobile number supplied to you or an email at my email address.

  9. Besma Reply

    I was greatly disappointed with one of the workers in Istanbul with the way he dealt with us. He was extremely rude and unprofessional for simply asking a simple question that is ( where is the business lounge please). I was shocked by the way he responded. I come to Turkey every year but this year will be my last. I strongly suggest that the Turkish airways in Istanbul show their staff and teach them how to talk to people because it reflects a bad image for the country.

  10. Bev Reply

    I am trying to register for Miles and Smiles. My city is not shown in the dropdown list. What do I do? Thank you

    • Alan Kerr Reply

      I am having same problem and have contacted customer services via telephone spending over 1 hour between 3 call centre advisors to no avail . I have also sent emails x3 which have been confirmed as received but have received no responses . This has been going on for around 3 months . I am not happy .

  11. Peter Canzoneri Reply

    My flight was delayed from Dhaka, Bangladesh on 29 May 2015 causing me to miss my connection in Istanbul to Houston. I was rebooked on a Lufthansa flight the following day (30 May, LH1305). My baggage claim ticket was taken from me by the Turkish Air counter and I was told that my bag would be brought over to Lufthansa. When I arrived in Houston. The bag was not on my flight with me. I haven’t been able to find much help locating my bag. I have the baggage Identification form. But, I don’t know where to e-mail it. That information is not on the form. Please help me.

  12. Sandra Whyte Reply

    I have been unable to complete my booking with Turkish Airlines on line. When I try to continue from the payment page I am told I need to tick the box accepting the terms and conditions. This I would happily do if I could locate such a box. Having wasted a lot of time I am now giving you till 12 noon tomorrow, 29th June to reply. Otherwise you have lost a customer who intended to make several bookings from Ercan to both Manchester and Edinburgh.

  13. Joe Reply

    A camera from my baggage was stolen. This after my baggage was lost for several days. The camera is not very expensive but the SIM cards had photos going back 3 years. What frustration with this company!!

  14. Andrea Reply

    Hello, can i check 2 baggages with 23 and 10 kilo weight from cairo to budapest for free?

  15. Michael Reply

    I lost my bag when I arrived to Doha. I start calling the airline to track my bag but it seems people or your staff does not know what to do or where to find. I then gave a call to Turkish airlines. I am not satisfied with your service. I could not find assistance by anyone from past 20 hours.

  16. peter Reply

    The agent who booked my flight with Turkish Airlines is not giving my refund. I need to complaint on this.

  17. Chu Mary Reply

    This is to inform you that I was greatly dissappointed with Turkish Airline, being voted the best airline, as I had very bad experience with your flight maintenance. This is what happened, I was on Tk66 on 6 Dec from Istanbul to Singapore(Arrived on 7 Dec 2011)seated on Row 30G, the whole flight went smoothly from Istanbul to Singapore but to my horror when the plane landed at Singapore Airport, the whole piece of cover of the aircondition above seat 30K fell off and almost hit me..if my husband who was sitting next to me did not pull me away in time bad would have resulted. I had got scared and the passengers sitting near to me all had a great fright too. I picked up the cover and was shocked to see that 3 masking tap were used to secure the cover to the wall of the plane. This is totally unexceptable and horrible as since it had 3 masking tape on it which means that your engineer already knew that this is a pre existing problem and they just simply used the masking tape to secure it to the wall without even considering the safety of the passsenger. I believe even any budget airline will not do such thing to their aircraft more so how can You, Turkish Airline do such a thing. I am trully disaappointed with it. I expect a good explanation from your office on this issue

      • Alyn Reply

        I have not received my baggage yet. My flight number is TK 0637 Which was MAY 26th, 2014 from Istanbul to Tripoly.

        Kindly help.

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