Contact ICICI Bank: Find below customer care details of ICICI Bank, including phone and address. Reach these contacts for queries or complaints on ICICI Bank savings accounts, loans, credit cards, insurance, internet banking, or other questions. Besides contact details, the page also offers information and links on ICICI Bank services.

ICICI Bank Head Office
ICICI Bank Towers,
Bandra-Kurla Complex,
Mumbai 400 051
Phone: +91 22 26531414

ICICI Bank Customer Care
Below are phone numbers of ICICI Bank phone banking support across India. Reach these for queries on ICICI products and services. To reach the customer care through email, write to [email protected]

Ahmedabad: 6630 9890
Andhra Pradesh: 98495 78000
Assam: 9954108000
Bengaluru: 41131877
Bhubaneshwar: 9938488000
Bihar: 9934008000
Chandigarh: 5055700
Chattisgarh: 9893208000
Chennai: 42088000
Coimbatore: 4358000
Cuttack: 9938488000
Delhi: 41718000
Darjeeling: 9933008000
Goa: 9890478000
Gujarat: 9898278000
Guwahati: 9954108000
Haryana: 9896178000
HP: 9816608000
Hyderabad: 23128000
Indore: 4022005
Jamshedpur: 9934008000
Jharkand: 9934008000
Karnataka : 9845578000
Kerala : 9895478000
Kochi: 9895478000
Kolkata: 9831378000
Lucknow: 9936218000
Madhya Pradesh: 9893208000
Maharashtra: 9890478000
Mumbai: 28307777
Orissa: 9938488000
North East: 9862408000
Patna: 9934008000
Pune: 9890478000
Punjab: 9815558000
Rajasthan: 9829222292
Ranchi: 9934008000
Siliguri: 9933008000
Tamil Nadu: 9894478000
UP East: 9936218000
UP West: 9897308000
Uttaranchal: 9897308000
West Bengal: 9933008000

Wealth / GPC Customer Care
Phone: 1800-103-8181
Phone: 1800-22-8181

International Support (NRI Customers)
USA: 1866 ICICI 4U
UK: 0 8081 314 151
Singapore: 800 ICICI 4U
Canada: 1866 ICICI 4U
Europe: 00-800-0424-2448
UAE: 8000 9114 001

ICICI Bank Email
To email ICICI Bank with your queries, click here

ICICI Bank has over 6000 ATMs. To locate an ICICI Bank ATM nearest to your address click here click here

ICICI Bank Branches
To locate an ICICI Bank branch nearest to your address click here

To apply for ICICI Bank Savings Account or details, click here
For details on fixed deposit, click here
For car loans, click here
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About ICICI Bank

icici bank logoICICI Bank is headquartered in Mumbai and is India’s second largest bank. The bank has a network of 2,600 branches and over 8,000 ATMs in India. The bank also has its presence in 18 countries. Formerly known as Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India, ICICI Bank was founded in the year 1955. The bank as of 2011 had total assets of Rs. 4,062.34 billion.

ICICI today has emerged as the major source of foreign currency loans to Indian industry. Besides funding from the World Bank and other multi-lateral agencies, ICICI was also among the first Indian companies to raise funds from international markets. In 2008, the bank launched iMobile which enables banking transactions on mobile phones. The same year it also entered US with its first branch in New York. The bank has over 35,000 employees.

The companies managed by ICICI include ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company, ICICI Securities Limited, ICICI Securities Primary Dealership Limited, ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company, ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company, ICICI Venture, among others. ICICI Bank is ranked 12th in the list of 500 largest companies by Fortune India.

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  1. P. Somakumar Pathiyil Reply

    My icici bank credit card statements are not delivered to me for the past six months,although i get message that they had been sent by speed mail and later delivered. How do i know about the details without the statements. Either you should make the courier people do their job correctly or change the courier agent.

  2. Sumit Mukherjee Reply

    I bought a 2 TB HDD via the Finomena platform in the month of February. I paid Rs 1980 as the down payment and was supposed to pay Rs 365 for the first month and then Rs 465 for the next 11 months. I paid all my installments before the assigned date and never skipped any. However, while paying the e.m.i for this month I received a link from Razorpay that I should pay Rs 940 as the installment of this month. I called up in the given number, but he failed to answer my queries. Then suddenly I found that Rs 2334 had been deducted from my bank account. I summed up all the payments that I made all these months and to my utter shock I found out that it is exceeding the loan amount, i.e. a sum of Rs 4919. Firstly, this is sheer unprofessionalism. How can one have a sheer disregard of company policies ? And secondly who gave ICICI bank the consent to deduct the entire amount at once ? What would you have done if that amount exceeded my the then account balance. And last but not the least, please share my N.O.C within 48 hours or else, I will be compelled to knock the door of the consumer forum. Also assure me that no further amount will be deducted from my account. I have all the details and bank statements with me.

    My payment details are as follows –

    Payment Id

    March – 7TgULMo8eCone9 – INR 365.00
    April – 7XGrpZmce6D3Eh – INR 465.00
    May – 7swCU5hXQAsvoc – INR 465.00
    June – 7zJ9ynAuWsEzBJ – INR 465.00
    July – 8L6y0IGOjQb6qy – INR 465.00
    August – 8WFMHYDPc3onXo – INR 465.00

    October – DEBIT-ACHDr ICIC00261000001992 TP ACH FINATIC— INR 1167

    DEBIT-ACHDr ICIC00261000001992 TP ACH FINATIC– INR 1167

    IFSC of the partner bank – ICIC0TREA00

  3. AMBU MANI Reply

    I am using the ICICI Bank credit card more than a year now and would like to raise a complaint regarding the late credit card statement on my email for Credit Card Statement for the period 24-Apr-2017 to 23-May-2017.

    As a customer, we pay the credit bill every month after checking bank statement only. But in my case, I had not received any kind of statement for the mentioned period neither the soft copy nor the hard copy. And I more thing from the day 1 that is my 1st month with ICICI bank till today I haven’t received any Hard copy NEVER. But always gets the statement on my email so I never bother with it too. But in the last month, I have not either of it.

    When I received the alert on my mobile phone I have raised a complaint about a duplicate copy of the statement but again I haven’t received till by due date i.e 11th June. After reiterating it, I have received a copy of statement after my due date and at the same time i.e 15th June, I have paid the outstanding amount of Rs. 1121.21.

    But when I received the statement for my current month it had included the late payment and interest charge altogether = Rs 1740.00. Which I feel is not correct in my case because a bank expects any customer to pay the amount with proof ?? You can also understand amount which I need to pay was not that big but with any proof, i can’t take any step for payment, Because nowadays we are also getting so much of spam message on mobile we can’t trust any message alert with email proof of attachment.

  4. CHHAYA Reply

    I lost my credit card number pin . I have been trying to contact you over phone for the last three days. I am abroad and I can’t come to any branch. And on phone it is asking me to press all the numbers in the keyboard but nothing done. If I choose the credut card options it is asking me to enter the password that I dont know. How will i get it corrected

  5. sawan anand Reply

    It’s a humble request to you please show some professionalism . Do you guys even have any rules and regulations. Can you answer me one simple thing who gave you permission for auto debit. You guys have already ripped me of for more than 10 thousand rupees in lesser than 6 months by charging auto debit and late fee . I have reported so many times that use some authentic post service so that i can receive my statement on time and can pay before due date, auto debit can be charged ones in a month on a fixed date but I have experienced getting charged 2 times a month. THAT IS WHY WE CALL IT ICICI BANK.
    I m done with you guys,

    Please it’s a request I can not afford any of your service I find it very challenging

  6. SARAT JENA Reply

    I am holding a saving Account (gold privilege) in your bank for the almost one month but inspite having a gold card I wish to bring to your notice that an amount of (573.85/- ) has been debited from my account on 21st of march, for another debit card not executed by me.

    The transaction came to light when I found my account balance and inquired in pass book section of my I mobile that it has been of debit card which is unlikely not in demand and unnecessary.

    Please check all other details of the fraudulent transaction.

    I request you to take up this matter urgently to help me recover my money.

  7. nilesh jadhav Reply

    My call don’t connect to the customer service executive.. I’m very disappointed… I can’t understand what should I do…? I contact to the branch but I’m not satisfied with branch…..
    And also my net banking transactions don’t proceed…but my amount debited from my account….

  8. Krishna Kumar Singh Reply

    Sub. Higher rate of interest for personal loan.

    Dear Sir,

    I Krishna Kumar Singh working at Sterling Management and security service (P) Ltd. Site address : jindal stainless limited, kalinga nagar jajpur road (Orissa) have availed a personal loan of Rs.1.30 lacs from your Duburi branch, jajpur road.

    I would like to mention that before availing this loan. I am also having a personal loan from Axis Bank ltd. Of Rs.1 lac at ROI 18.5%. I was approached by your bank through Mr. Ratikanta Ojha (Executive) to transfer my personal loan to your bank at a lower ROI 11.99% and accordingly I Transferred my salary account from Axis bank to your bank through my Employer and signed all the document required for the above said loan.

    During process, I got a sms regarding application application no- CRM02745973, APS ID- 67007270, which I checked through ICICI Mobile app and found the ROI 13.75%. Upon query to Mr. Ojha and Mr. Debasish Parida(Relationship Manager) mob. no.-7225058629, I got an answer that there was a mistake and they will resolve it as soon as possible. But when the loan amount was transferred to my account from loan AC No.-LPDUU00035062745, APS ID- 67045141, I came to know to that the rate of interest is 17.99% which is much higher that your bank staffs had committed.

    I also contacted Mr. Ojha and Mr. Parida seeking a clarification about this difference in ROI but they are not cooperating at all. I had also registered the query in your costumer care portal vide SR444610481 but still didn’t get any satisfactory reply.

    Therefore I request you to look in to this matter and take appropriate action as soon as possible.

    With Regards

    Krishna Kumar Singh

    c/o Bhagyadhar kar

    At/post- Dala, Jajpur road

    Dist- Jajpur Pin- 755019

  9. Pradip Nayak Reply

    I received my credit card statement for October 02 to November 02, 2016 today. I have an autodebit arrangement linked to my bank account at Prabhadevi Branch, Mumbai. An autodebit payment of Rs 20,461.92 has been made on 20/10/2016 for the credit card payment due on that date. However, on 02/11/2016 interest of Rs 190.03 and tax of Rs 28.51 has been charged to me. Please explain the reason for this charge+tax even though the autodebit was activated on the due date.

  10. Dhanya KD Reply


    I need to update my credit card contact email and phone number as i have recently moved out of India. I have outstanding bill to be paid and i need the statement for the months.
    Please let me know how to update the same as i just hold a credit card and i do not have internet banking access.


    I am not satisfied with ICICI Bank Mumbai. around 7500 rs has been deducted from my account without any information. my account is 15 years old and never received any msg regarding MBL (minimum balance limit) The SMS received also shown correct amount after crediting. All of sudden while made a transaction the above amount has been deducted which is very surprising. I made a complaint in Vashi, Sector 1
    ( Navi mumbai) branch but not got any assurance. Please sort out & reverse the amount in my account.

  12. Swapnali Salvi Reply

    I am very disappointed with ICICI bank,after 45 days also i am unable to get my credit card as address written on courier is wrong & hence they are not ready to deliver the same. Also no contact no. from which i can directly talk with customer service executive, from last 5 days credit card is lying with courier company. already complaint in ICICI, but still there is no any reply.

  13. DKS Reply

    This is regarding using the debit card internationally.

    If a person forgets to call customer care before departure and if his/her mobile does not have international roaming, how will the person call customer care of ICICI once abroad for using his/her debit card in case of exigencies? Looks trivially absurd…

    Why can’t the authorization be done through net banking or by registered email (or a combination of both)? – any way, calling ICICI customer care is a known mess and can never be used to solve any problem what-so-ever even within India. God only knows why ICICI spends so much money for these kind of call centers! apart from feeding all the inputs (‘n’ number of them) to an IVR instead of getting you to a human directly after a few SIMPLE inputs. And after choosing to talk to a human the minimal wait is 5 minutes or more, and the worst part is after all that 10 minutes nothing will get solved (and these kids will ask you to visit the nearest ICICI branch – quite useful when you are in Alaska)!

  14. sanjib sinha mahapatra Reply

    I have been trying to contact your customer care executive for last seven days. I want to open a 3 in 1 account from your branch.
    pls felt your kind glance on that above matter.

  15. Nachiket Amadabdakar Reply

    I booked ticket on 8th June,2015 amounting to Rs.10986/ which is not yet refunded in my Credit Card Account. However, the letter received from JETAIRWAYs stating that the refund was processed from their end on the same date.

    Request you to look into the matter and processed the refund as soon as possible, because its 21 days passed over the transaction date.

    In anticipation of conclusive reply from your end.


  16. Sanjay Jhajharia Reply

    A late payment fee of Rs. 231.43 is shown as payable against my credit card no. 4629-8640-6747-9016. As per my telephonic conversation with your representative, I was informed that the said charges (which was Rs. 111.24 at that time) will be waived off. I am now finding that an additional amount of Rs. 120.19 has been added to the previous outstanding and the total dues are shown as Rs. 231.43. Please waive the same and re-activate the card

  17. Suraj Reply

    I lost my credit card number pin . I have been trying to contact you over phone for the last three days. I am abroad and I can’t come to any branch. And on phone it is asking me to press all the numbers in the keyboard but nothing done. If I choose the credut card options it is asking me to enter the password that I dont know. How will i get it corrected .

  18. Quader Reply


    I placed a request for the credit card 2-3 weeks ago. but I have not been updated about its processing or if it got decline. The representative said that either he will call or sent an Email about the process but nothing happened. I am expecting the concerned department to update me about its Processing.


  19. Abhinav Chawla Reply


    I have got an ICICI Travel card and for which the Login password is not working, I have tried it couple of times online but an error message comes on the screen for invalid card number/password (Error attached), I have not yet changed my password since its not working. since the password provided in the kit isn’t working. I have already written the complaint at the website and also at [email protected] but haven’t got any response. Since I am outside the country I am facing lot of troubles due to it. I don’t know what to do since the staff (Bank Branch) who has issues it also said they cant help. I didn’t expect this service from ICICI.

  20. Arijit Reply

    I want to speak to the concern person about a bike loan of ICICI Bank in Kolkata. Request you to either provide me his /her number, or tell him/her to contact me in my mail address with the mobile no.

  21. Haresh Reply

    I wish to download imobile application in my Samsung GT-S6312. However, mobile list does not include this model. Please help.

  22. Naresh Dhyani Reply

    While contacting with concerned person in the branches located in Dehradun, it was found that Phone No mentioned in Net are not concerned with bank. Pl Clarify and update.

  23. PRADEEP Reply

    I have come across some fraud transactions on my credit card. It was used for a transaction of USD 3.07 at RAM PAULS DAIRY 3 LLC. I informed the next day to your customer care over phone that this was a fraud transaction and raised a dispute on the same. Also i requested them to block the card and issue me with a new one. Since there was no response after this i had made a call on 7th March and raised a request “SR260638481” to check and inform me on fraud transaction details.Even then i was not having any update.

    After failing to get you so called telephone support with so called fooling IVRS and automatic disconnection of customer’s call, i raised a complaint through your grievance redressal via online. The Request Numbers are SR261298229 and SR261299065. Tried to check the status and failed even through your so called grievance redressal system.

    Should i expect any kind of support from you or i should take other alternatives to resolve my issue. Please let me know. I dont have any words to say regarding your customer support.

  24. krutikka Reply

    Some hotels for international holiday ask for credit card details i.e credit card number and expiry date to confirm bookings via email. Is it safe to provide such information ?

  25. jascharan Reply

    I tried to book Railway ticket through IRCTC online e-ticketing facility on 14 OCT 2012. During the booking process due to network failures my transaction could not succeed and reservation was not done. when i checked my account balance on 14 OCT 2012 balance is showing less amount by Rs 682-. I request you to kindly look in to the issue and credit back my amount to my account.

  26. Shrinivas Kher Reply

    Want to know a number on which I can talk to some human being and not machine regarding my query about credit card pin change. There should be such option. the interactive round and round talk is irritating.

  27. Jain Reply

    Please send personal loan a/c. statement on our above mentioned email id and oblige.

  28. Asha V Rajurkar Reply

    Dear Sir,
    At present I am in USA(California) touring various places such as los angels, woodland hill, hollywood, and residing at my son’s place in Santa Rosa. I have made various transactions from my Platinum VISA ICICI Credit Card. I am trying to book my Air Ticket from U.S. from Mumbai to Nagpur for 22-05-2012(evening), cancelling the earlier booking scheduled on 21-05-2012 (morning),but to my surprise, the booking for 22-05-2012 is being declined at your end which is causing great inconvenience to me, being a preferred customer.

  29. Suraj Reply

    Dear sir,

    Recently when i had visited in the Thane Branch than i noticed a poster outside of ATM Booth written KHAYAAL AAPKA in Hindi, English, Gujarati, Tamil etc. But why not include MARATHI?

  30. Sachin Reply

    It has been a Month or more that we have opened a Young Star Account with
    your Bank.

    Your Representative from Bandra Location has given us the assurity that we
    will be getting the Debit card in Week’s Time, now it is been month
    and above we have not recieved a single call also from your side. When
    spoke to him he replied saying that its year end thats the reason it
    is getting delayed.

    Request you to please look into this matter and call back urgently as
    it has become gone beyond our Tolerance.

  31. Suryakanth Reply

    Hi All,

    I am writing my most awful experience and most wickedest customer service that i have ever seen in my life time. I have a savings account with The Great ICICI Bank which is in Uppal, Hyderabad Branch. I have requested for a debit card in second week of December, i was told that it was returned back due to incomplete address,( But past 6 months back it was a complete address and debit card was delivered on that address)and now it has become incomplete address. After further update of address which is again the same address it is still in processing state and was told that it has been dispatched by speed post on 23rd December 2011.I have made a call on 4th February 2012 and i was told still in processing when requested for Supervisor Mr J.Arun Kumar with Ext:4706 from Hyderabad came on call and was very rude and told that this is the process of ICICI Bank and if you want to continue with account or not you can decide on it.

    With Regards,

  32. Nath Reply

    Dear Sir,

    A loan of Rs.15, 00,000/- was sanctioned by ICICI Bank Hissar Branch in March-2011.
    First Installment of Loan was given by Bank in April-2011. In Aug -2011 Installment was given by Applicant. Now I have again received the Demand note for next Installment of Rs.3,48,279/-Which have to be paid up by 7th Feb-2012. Since Last Week till today I have contacted many times, but not getting any response. After sanctioning a loan, the bank is giving poor customer service.

  33. sachin Reply

    i have debit card, but no PIN Number given by bank, so its very unsafe to use debit card…could you send pin asap

  34. Sanjeev Reply

    With Reference to my card number I would like the entire payment due to be converted into EMI.

    Thanking You for your attention towards this matter.

    Your Sincerly

  35. Gyanendra Pandey Reply

    hi my company opened a salry account in icici bank in gurgaon but i did not get any message on my mobile yet it is open or not.

  36. Bharat Dave Reply

    I am staying in Ahmedabad. My ac no-is xx.
    Today morning arround 7:y0am, I withdrew Rs.4000/ via Atm of SBI at Sola Highway branch.I didnt get money as the machine was displaying that it is out of order. Next door AtM of Industrial Bank was there. I tried for Rs.5000/ there. Again that machine was also not ok. And displaying same message. But again [email protected] was debitted from my account. So now what to do to get credit back that amount? My cell no is xx. Pl reply.

  37. Ravi S Sinha Reply

    Why while transancting for an online registration for a foreign university / college using ICICI bank credit card, there is no requirement for 3 or 6 digits security password number in order to confirm payment? I consider this as a big loophole in any fraudulent transaction by scruplous individual.

  38. Anja Reply

    I used my credit card for shopping twice.Neither I got statement, e-mail nor sms. This is second time this is happening with me. None of my correspondence address is changed.

    • customer help Reply

      please place a request for sms alert and the bank shall address your concerns..

  39. Ajay Upadhyay Reply

    very dissatisfied with the service..a lot of question arise about icici bank service & brand…i had closed my credit card on the month of Sep’11 after discussion with ICICI customer care executive and he assured me that my card was completely closed but today when i check my account there is a credit card bill ??? I am shocked!

  40. Neeta Laxmikant Naik Reply

    I have savings account at Prabhadevi, Mumbai 400025 branch. I am now in Australia. I cannot see my account on internet . I typed correct my cust. ID and my password. pl. explain.
    with regard
    Neeta Naik

  41. Sreenivasa Murthy.V Reply

    In respect of non receipt of ICICI Bonds redemption cheque and corrseponding communications between 3i-Infotech Limited, I have mailed some information to [email protected]. Nothing has been replied. Please inform whether it is correct emailID. Else provide me correct Email ID

  42. Amit Reply

    I need email ids of HR personnel recruiting for ICICI bank in the state of kerala (kochi) and Tamil nadu (chennai). I am interested in joining ICICI bank . I have an experience of above 12 years working with HDFC bank, CPU, Mumbai. Please let me know any current openings anywhere in kerala or tamil nadu .

  43. srikanth Reply

    I am trying to contact your customer care unit for renewal of the my policy but i am unable to contact any person. Could you please give me a call or give a contact number to enable me to renew my car insurance policy as early as possible. Expecting an early resopnse

  44. Neena Reply

    Respected sir,
    I want the statement for claiming deductions under sections of the income tax act 1961. Please send me the statement for the current year at xx.

  45. Raju Reply

    May i request your team to keep me update on my account in ICICI bank through email as well.

  46. V.S.Raghavan Reply

    I am not getting the information of phone no. to contact your Besant Nagar Branch.

    Can you list the phone nos of all your branches for any customer to easily access your branch.



  47. sanjay gupta Reply

    Dear sir,

    I wanted to open a saving bank account with your Bank Park Branch, Jaipur and I have deposited Rs. 2000/- on 08/10/2011 along with account opening form duly filled by me and also attached all supported KYC document which your bank required.
    After 10-15 days when I inquired about the status of account, branch informed me that my account form was rejected by RPC due to non visible of passport copy..
    After -30- days I again visited the branch and inquire about my account, the branch officer informs me that my form was misplaced and requests me to submit new one Account Opening form.
    After 40 days I have again submitted a New Account form with duly filled up by me along with KYC document and I attached a UID (ADHAR) issues by Govt. of India instead of Passport.
    After -46- days branch informs me over my mobile the the UID submitted for KYC document cannot be accepted..
    Very bad impression about your bank. Not happy at all.

  48. jp vishwakarma Reply

    i have taken home loan..i am paying emi since five years back…loan tenure is always increasing

  49. hrishikesh Reply

    I have submitted cheque of Rs 234840 in favor of M/s axis bank. I have received message of debit of this cheque & again received message of cheque return.
    Need to know why this cheque is returned?

      • MADHAVAN Reply

        Dear Care person

        Branch is not renewing my Fixed Deposit. Unfortunately original deposit is with my wife’s bag and she is in London. I told the branch you simply renew with my instructions and signature already verified and tallied and original will be presented after 3 months. They say No.SO BANK WILL USE MY MONEY FOR 3 MONTHS AND I WILL NOT GET INTEREST WHY ?

        Thanks and Best Regards

        Please reply

  50. Nicholas Reply

    My Bank account has been debited with RS 827 as quaterly avg balance charges for Sept. As per the bank my minimum balance in bank should be 5000. In Sept my balance went down to around 4000. But just for Rs1000 less in my account, the bank has charged me with RS 827. This is Ridiculous and the Bank is just fleecing its customers.

  51. Yogesh Reply

    what is the minimum balance requirement/mandate to maintain salary accounts at ICICI Bank?
    Thanks & Regards

  52. Mahendra Reply

    I am the owner of a ICICI credit card. Even after paying my due, I get penalty and late fee. And regular reminders. Hope this doesnt continue. I might terminate the card if this contrinues.

  53. Bhuna Reply

    thanks for the phone numbers..they were very helpful in reaching the customer support

  54. Vibhakar Reply

    Today i used axis bank atm in Bhosari, Landewai, Pune. My cash was not received but the machine shows that the amount was deducted. Please do needful

  55. n r narayan Reply

    RS. 5,00,000 hijacked by ICICI Andheri Branch since First Week of Aug’11 and not being transferred to my account despite several messages.
    Hope you personally look into the matter and resolve the issue which has been bugging me for the last 10 weeks thanks to the ineptitude Mr. Kailash Thakur of Andheri Branch.

    N R Narayan

    • n r narayan Reply

      ISSUE RESOLVED; The matter is closed.
      THANKS TO ONE AND ALL at ICICI who were involved in my grievance.

  56. sailesh Reply

    Hi, this is Sailesh, ICICI account holder. On 12th of Oct i had deposited some cheques in Hyderabad at Punjagutta ICICI ATM. Cheques deposited were out of station ICICI cheques. Still cheque amount has not been debited to my account.



  58. ashish vaidya Reply

    how i can change my saving a/c into salary a/c ( zero balance a/c)?



    • CCC - Sam Reply

      Steven, you should visit the nearest branch for this. Surely a transfer can be done, but the charges levied during conversion of rupee to pounds might be taken..

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