Contact Avianca: Find below customer care details of Avianca airline, including telephone and address. You can reach the below contact for new flight booking, cancellation, refund, baggage claim, cheap airfares, deals or other queries on Avianca. Besides contact details, the page also offers information and links on Avianca services.

Avianca Head Office
Centro Administration Avianca,
Avenida Eldorado No 92-30, Bogota
Tel: +57 (09)1 414 7545, +57 (09)1 487 8801

Avianca Customer Care

Barranquilla (+57) 5 3 302 255
Bogota (+57) 1 – 4 013 434
Bucaramanga (+57) 7 – 6 303 434
Cali (+57) 2 – 3 213 434
Medllin (+57) 4 – 4 443 434
International 01 8000 953 434

Other Contacts
Argentina 0800 444 2842
Aruba 588 0059
Brazil 0800 891 8668
Canada 1800 284 2622
Chile 0800 53 6022
Costa Rica 0800 057 1015
Curacao 8 20 20 20
Dominican Republic 1809 549 6948
Ecuador 1800 00 3434
Mexico 01 800 123 3120
Panama 800 0555
Peru 0800 11936
Spain 902 026 655
USA 1800 284 2622
– TDD 1866 998 3357
Venezuela 0800 284 2622

Colombia Offices
Armenia (+57) (6) 7 479 911
Barrancabermeja (+57) (7) 6 206 060
Barranquilla (+57) (5) 3 348 396
Bogota (+57) (1) 4 139 862 Ext. 3260
Bucaramanga (+57) (7) 6 569 446
Cali (+57) (2) 6 663 028
Cartagena (+57) (5) 6 661 175 / 6 664 886
Chia (+57) (1) 8 615 334 – 8 615 098
Cucuta (+57) (7) 5 874 884 – 5 874 882
Florencia (+57) (8) 4 343 627
Ibague (+57) (8) 2 712 550
Maicao (+57) (5) 7 266 425 – 7
Manizales (+57) (6) 8 743 327
Medellin (+57) (4) 5 622 901
Monteria (+57) (4) 7 860 320 -7 860 100
Neiva (+57) (8) 8 748 000 / 8 748 074
Palmira (+57) (2) 2 756 445
Pasto (+57) (2) 7 328 064
Pereira (+57) (6) 3 142 702
Popayan (+57) (2) 8 319 009 – 8 237 882
Riohacha (+57) (5) 7 273 914
San Andres (+57) (8) 5 123 216 – 5 123 217
Santa Marta (+57) (5) 4 320 106 – 4 320 010
Tulua (+57) (2) 2 253 030
Tumaco (+57) (2) 7 270 941
Ubate (+57) (1) 8 552 658
Valledupar (+57) (5) 5 717 333
Villavicencio (+57) (8) 6 622 326 – 6 622 058

Avianca Tours
01 8000 914 600

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Online Check-in
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Baggage Information
Passengers are generally allowed to carry one piece of carry-on item with max 10 kg. For checked baggage, passengers are allowed to carry two items with max 23 kg each. Business class passengers are allowed up to 32 kg. This rule applies only to international routes. For more information call the customer care or visit the website.

Track Lost baggage
To trace your lost baggage click here

LifeMiles is the frequent flier program of Avianca. Members can earn reward miles when they fly with Avianca or its partner airlines. Miles can also be earned on hotel booking and car rentals. Members enjoy a range of benefits that include extra baggage allowance, lounge access etc. To register to the program click here

About Avianca Airlines
avianca airline pictureAvianca was founded in the year 1919 and is the national carrier of Colombia. Avianca is the acronym in Spanish for Aerovías del Continente Americano S.A.  The leading airline in Latin America, operates from its main hub at El Dorado Int’l Airport (Avianca Colombia). Avianca currently flies to over 60 destinations worldwide. It has codeshare agreements with AeroGal, Air Canada, Iberia, Lufthansa, Satena, United Airlines and Delta Air Lines. From 2012, the airline will have codeshare agreements with more airlines. In 2010, the airline was invited to become a member of the Star Alliance, a global airline alliance.

Avianca’s destinations include Aruba, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, Mexico, USA, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, France, Spain and UK. Within Colombia the airline flies to Armenia, Bogota, Cali, Cucuta, Ibague, Manizales, Monteria, Medellin, Neiva, Pasto, Pereira, Riohacha, San Andres, Santa Marta, Tumaco, Valledupar and more.

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  1. Daniel Perticarari Reply

    Avianca stole my Money!!!!

    It is true, they took my money using their website when I tried to get tickets from London to Bogota. The website gave error to the purchase and then I bought the tickets in a travel agency (same route and date). After that, they charged me for the duplicate tickets. In London and Bogotá I did the complaint and they gave me back the money incomplete. So, they charged me for a Avianca’s mistake. Instead of getting a sorry answer for my complaint, they stole my money without any explanation.

    Using the Avianca’s website is the easy way to be stolen. Just be careful people

  2. Gavin Brewis Reply

    To whom it may concern,

    I’m writing to you as I need to register a complaint, and am seeking compensation.

    My father and I were on holiday to Colombia when we got the news that our flight home was cancelled (FLIGHT AV066 14TH AUG 2017) – . This flight was a flight from Colombia to Caracas. Due to the cancellation of this flight we then missed our connecting flights from Air France back to Amsterdam (AF385) and then from Amsterdam to London and Glasgow.

    The issue is not just the fact that we had our flights cancelled, but also as it ruined our holiday, scrambling around trying to find extra accomodation, and also flights back home.

    My father also suffers from angina and has a serious heart condition which meant he had to buy extra medication as we were stranded in this foreign country for more than we had anticipated. We asked for help on numerous ocassions, and none was offered. The money he lost out on is onething, but the stress on top of this was truly unnesesary and should have been resolved for us, no questions asked!!

    Furthermore, in my place of work, I work on a strict attendance bonus and because of this delay I lost over 600 GBP on my bonus. A bonus i had worked hard to gain but lost out on, as i missed work on dates I was supposed to be home, do to this cancellation.

    I hope you can come to some resolution as I’m sure you understand that this became a nightmare experience for us. It ruined our holiday and also left us in more stress than before we went on holiday, which was the whole point of going in the first place!

    I realise the person reading this is not to blame, and it is with the company I am angered, not the individual handling this complaint. So please use some empathy here and consider it from our point of view.

    Please reply, and with haste as I am looking to be compensated for all of the aforementioned issues.

    Thank you,


  3. Sammy Zambrano Reply

    Worst customer service!!!!! three hours on the phone to change a flight and try to make a payment with a automated machine that didn’t work, to be “blind transferred” because they didn’t want to help us, to be told to call from a different phone, to be told to go an hour away to make the payment, to be told they couldn’t call us back… Not only did I have to deal with the passing of my dearest father but now I have to drive around to make a payment so I can go back home to my children and back to work… you people are the worst!!!

  4. William Lindsay Reply

    I am writing this letter to let you know that my wife and I arrived in Lima, Peru this evening on a flight from Miami, Florida. It was a good flight, however I was dismayed to see that our bags had been opened and the contents gone through. The most important item missing was $2500.00 cash put in an inside pocket of one of the bags that had been ransacked. We have traveled numerous times on Avianca without incident. I am saddened that this has occured. I only hope that there will be a positive outcome to this incident.

  5. Marilyn Lamas Reply

    Upon trying to purchase a ticket for my relative with my bank card, my transaction asked me to go to nearest ticket office and dint process the purchase. I gave my debit card number, my address, my email, even my license ID. But my license ID was expired & I didn’t know all this info was required just the debit card info. Anyway, my bank account was hacked from this site!! It said it was a secure service site, the entire amount that I had in my measly checking account had been overtaken by hackers! I will never use this site for anything again. This happened just minutes after I entered my info on website. Can someone contact me please so it doe not happen to others! I will never use the website for Avianca ever again! Bank confirmed times my account was hacked before midnight,(March 31,, 11;30 pm,) as was the time I was trying to make a purchase with my card for a friend. Never again!

  6. Lauren Paul Reply

    I am writing to request a refund from Avianca, as my previous requests seem to have gone ignored.

    On 21/2/17 we arrived at the airport to find that our reservation from Medellin –> Santa Marta at 11:40 am was not held. This was news to us. We were sent to the ticket desk, where an Avianca employee told us that we had to buy a new ticket at a much higher price. We thought this was unjust, as it was the fault of your company for not holding the reservation. If it was a problem with processing, then we should have been properly notified. I can assure you that the card we gave was fully functioning. She then handed us the phone, where we were transferred to a total of 5 different employees. We were finally told by the final employee that nothing could be done because Avianca “tried to call us.” We looked through the phone records of the phone we provided, and we are 100% certain that this did not happen.

    We bought the ticket at the higher price, but we feel it is imperative that we receive an apology and are compensated for the difference.

    I would be happy to provide more information if contacted. I hope that we can work this out, as we were planning on using Avianca for all of our travels this coming 2 years as we travel in South America.

    Thank you in advance,
    Lauren Paul

  7. Lisa Koeneman Reply

    My name is Lisa Koeneman. My friend Devin Young and I missed our connecting flight in Mexico City due to your long wait for baggage, long customs lines, losing baggage, and long waits for customer service.
    We need to change our flight from Mexico City to Anchorage since we missed our original flight. We have had no success with your customer service representatives on the phone, and are not sure what to do next.
    Please let me know what we can do to change our flight.

    Lisa Koeneman

  8. Notapplicable Reply

    You are a pathetic excuse for an airline. Twice now flights with you have been hours apon hours delayed!!! My partner and I have lost a lot of money and missed important meetings for educational courses.
    I am furious. Your staff are impatient, unfriendly and undereducated. Your customer service is a disgrace and your actual flights are fudging atrocious.
    I am a travel writer and will enjoy the day your wasteful, useless airline is slandered.

  9. Albertoo Reply

    On September 30 we were supposed to fly from Flores to Guatemala City on 3 tickets redeemed with my LifeMiles – my daughter, her baby (one year old) and me. We spent 18000 Mils for the 3 flights! The first problem was that the flight had been cancelled. That would not be the biggest problem if I would have been contacted by LifeMiles or by Avianca – they had my local phone number but did not move one finger to inform us and did never call. So we arrived at Flores airport at 6.30am with our baby and the employees of Avianca told us that the next flight was 13 hours later! This is no option with a 1 year-old baby and if you just have 48 hours to get all your things done in Guatemala City. So the Avianca employee told us that there would be a flight by another small airline 30 minutes later and he said that we should buy tickets for this flight but would get our expenses refunded by Avianca. We just would have to apply which could even happen online.

    The flight was very much delayed and we arrived in Guatemala City late the same morning. I paid for the tickets, domestic taxes and taxis (as we arrived in a different terminal in Guatemala City and could not use the hotel shuttle) 300 US$ and after 2 emails back and forth neither Avianca nor LifeMiles do want to refund anything or make a compromise with us –last message is from November 3rd and another 11 days have passed since then. Avianca does not even not refund our used LifeMiles for the cancelled flight and I feel completely ripped off . After 15 years of support of Taca/Avianca in Central America is this the biggest disappointment and I’ll use my existing LifeMiles and will then never again in my life use any of the both companies. It is very sad to be treated this way by a formerly reputable airline! I’ll wait 7 more days to maybe have the proposed compromise accepted by both Avianca or/and LifeMiles.

    Avianca said that their staff in Flores did never say that we would get refunded and I asked Avianca if they thought I would be stupid and make such a story up in my mind? I had asked “What if the Avianca employee did make this offer and it’s completely true what I stated? Then they would completely mistreat and cheat us! They just don’t care!

    I offered a compromise and they’re just not interested in any customer service. Yesterday Avianca stated to offer 300 Miles refunded onto my LifeMiles account. I’ll never ever use Avianca anymore. I see a lot of similar posts in the Internet – so this seems to be a general attitude for Avianca

  10. Meranda Reply

    Absolutely WORST airline in the entire world!!! Customer service is absolutely ridiculous….no help 7 of the last flights have been delayed costing us thousands of dollars in lost revenue due to this……try to find out any information and no one has any…..waste of time wast of money and I recommend NO ONE ever uses Avianca!!!

  11. Mavi Reply

    Avianca customer care, be ashamed of your services, a friend of mine has been trying to submit an ID due to your “OWN” mistake when you misspelled her last name. You had provide with a wrong e-mail address, she has been sending from her cell phone the information regarding her ID, always the message fails, I tried three times to help her from my computer, I am expert in computers, and always fails any message sent. I am using the e-mail address you have provided her. What is going on there? I am going to report “YOU” with FTC and BBB, because your services are awful!!!!!!

  12. Mavi Reply

    Avianca customer care, be ashamed of your services, a friend of mine has been trying to submit an ID due to your won mistake when you misspelled her last name. You had provide with a wrong e-mail address, she has been sending from her cell phone the information regarding her ID, always the message fails, I tried three times to help her from my computer, I am expert in computers, and always fails any message sent. I am using the e-mail address you have provided her. What is going on there? I am going to report “YOU” with FTC and BBB, because your services are awful!!!!!!

  13. Tyler Graham Reply

    In the past I have sung praise for Avianca. I cannot do that after this week’s events.

    Avianca’s new website crashes all the time.I have talked to several people who had this experience. It crashed on me Monday March 27th when running my credit card. As it failed to charge my card, I decided to try again the next day. It failed again so I gave up… until I received 2 confirmation emails for 2 identical tickets. Now they won’t refund them. I am supposed to fly in 2 days.

    Guess it pays to have a website that crashes and bad customer service.

    My advice – don’t book anything on Avianca until they fix their issues.

  14. Eurotravel Reply

    We had clients booked on your flight AV61 on April 07, 2012 from Panama City to Bogota.
    When they left from Bogota to Panama City on March 27, they asked for a confirmation from your Avianca Office at the airport, which they got without any problem. When arriving on April 27, they have been informed, that they have no reservation and that the flight is fully booked. As already mentioned they received a written confirmation from your office on March 27. Finally they could leave but they had to fly economy class, instead of business class, as booked and paid.
    Could you please have a look into this matter. As my client is flying very often with you, I would like to ask you for a reimbursement for the difference between economy class and business class.

  15. ofir geffen Reply

    The following mail is a complaint to Avianca airlines.
    We are a group of 10 people traveling on flight Taca 6173 from Cartagena, Colombia to Bogota, from there a connection on flight taca290 from Bogota to San Salvador and another connection on flight Lacsa638 from San Salvador to Cancun, Mexico.
    When we arrived at Cancun we were told our baggage had not arrived and that it would be sent to our hotel in Playa de Carmen, Mexico. We were also told that for every day without our luggage we would receive 25 dollars.
    We arrived in Cancun April 4 and received our luggage April 9.
    This means we should each receive 125$ from you.
    Once we received our luggage we were shocked to find out we were robbed.
    All of our bags were opened and expensive items were stolen:
    Brand new clothes from expensive brands.
    Electric devices such as: laptop, cellphone, and cameras.
    And of course many other priceless sensitive belongings.
    We demand a financial refund following these horrible chains of events that started from your company’s lack of responsibility.

    Please understand that we have been traveling for several months and we basically “live” through our bags this is why your company’s negligence has been so inconvenient for our traveling experience.
    We hope that you will make the right decision and compensate us accordingly.

    Thank you,

    Ofir Geffen

  16. Abbie Reply

    Hello, I am trying to find out about refunding my ticket. I am trying to fill out the form but there are some things i don’t understand on the form, so i don’t know which option to choose.

    I have tried ringing the customer help number but it is not working. Can i please have some help.

    All the best,

    Abbie Pask

  17. Lerma Reply

    I traveled on flight 037 FLL Dec 4th.
    1. two bottles of Royal Crown might have been left on plane.
    2. The flight to Armenia for 10pm that sane day was delayed because the second officer arrive at 10:20,
    3. One of my bag with stripes were misplaced. It had watches in it.

  18. Marie Fontaine Reply

    I currently have a dispute with Avianca, I am hoping to accelerate the process.
    On May 19th I flew first class from JFK to Santa Marta on Avianca. My daughter was in coach. Upon arriving at the airport, first they couldn’t even find my daughter’s reservation and caused a panic on that issue, but eventually found it. Then they made me buy a return ticket. I did not have a return ticket because I am marrying a Colombian and staying here. I tried to explain, but they said it was the law. So I told them to give me a first class ticket because I wasn’t going to use it and I wanted it to be easy to refund or change.
    I just tried to change the ticket and they said there would be a $175 charge for any changes. How can that be? It was a $1276 one way ticket. People pay first class prices for flexibility not for hot towels. They won’t even change the date on the one way first class ticket without imposing a penalty. I have never heard of this in first class.
    Is it my fault that your employees sold me a first class ticket that is non refundable non changeable. I told them what I wanted. I never would have spent so much money on a one way ticket, knowing I couldn’t change it without penalty.
    Please address this situation. It isn’t fair.
    thank you
    Marie Fontaine

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